What is this community about?

The main aim of this community is to enable collaborative work by using Open Source as a medium. Currently there are two groups

Administrative group(the Others) and the general group(the Force)

Our administrative community focuses on managing and directing the community in ways that can enrich the knowledge sharing potential of the community.
The only criteria for you to become a member of 'the Others' community is for you to contact us directly. If you are in Addis call us or meet us in person. If you live abroad then you can emails and we will verify who you are and that is it. You are not required to know any technology in order to be part of this team, you can contribute in ways that you know. If you are, for example, an editor; you can help us in making our articles and blogs look a little more professional. If you are a lawyer you can help us in finding out about the flows of the community and also future directions and communications with other communities. As you can see there are many ways you can help out our community. All you have to do is take that small initiative of contacting us.

The general community (the Force) is the reason this setup is made. We want to enable our society, both IT related and not, share the knowledge we have in us. The community will focus on Open Source Software, hardware and Standards in general, but we believe these are not concepts that can stand alone so we will also be discussing the other side of the IT industry but focused on getting Open Source to work for Ethiopia, and Africa in General.

What can we do in this community?

Well, mainly collaborate to do good and not evil
*There is the forum section - where you can ask questions, post answers, share resources and information
*There is the blog section - where you can let us know about your viewpoints and analysis of the many different subjects around Open Source
*There is the wiki section - this is the place that all can collaborate to build information about Open Source and its usage and impacts on the society and the world in general, content building will be made in a collaborative manner where one initiates with simple lines of words and the others turn it into important source of information. The contents of the wiki are not limited to the above mentioned concepts, but also about IT in Ethiopia, the who is who among the Ethiopian IT society and so on.
*There is the resources/project section- This is the part where all of our users can find different source code, software, articles, research papers, links to other societies, and also the actual code sharing and collaborative building platform.

So you have many options, so don’t waste any more time just go in and start contributing. There is no right or wrong content, we have moderators that can make it a nice playing field so don’t worry about messing us up - Share, Have Fun, Learn!